23 February, 2007

What am I doing?

As you can see from the header, this blog will document my learning about and through computers, with a particular emphasis on how these experiences inform my classroom practice. Specifically, I will write about what happens over the next several weeks as I complete my projects for IT 521 (Computer Applications in Education), a course I am taking at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville.

The projects I have chosen to undertake include:
  • develop a "computer disaster recovery plan," in which I wipe my hard drive clean and re-install the operating system (a worthy undertaking, as these days disaster seems imminent just about every time I turn on my computer)
  • install and run an Ubuntu operating system on my tired, old laptop
  • develop, design, and create a classroom homepage using NVu and/or Moodle (an open source course management program)
  • develop an online list of searchable, browsable URL's using Webliographer, and link this list to the project site I am building in IT 578 (intro to web design)
  • create a Wiki
  • use strictly web-based and open source applications for the remainder of the semester

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