20 March, 2007

Virus scanner? Check. Printer? Check. Wireless connection? Nope.

Tonight I installed a virus scanner using the add/remove menu on the applications toolbar of Ubuntu. There is a search tool you can use to locate different open source applications offered by the Ubuntu community. Installing the scanner was easy, but Ron says it is not the same as virus protection. I'll keep looking for open source virus protection.

Re-installing my HP 1315 all-in-one printer was also pretty easy. Under the system toolbar I selected "administration" and then "printing." From there I clicked on "printer" and then "add printer." Ubuntu walks you through a three-step process to add a printer.

I don't have a clue about how to reconfigure my wireless connection. I am still connecting to the Internet using a network cable. If anyone out there is reading this and has an idea, please tell me!

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