15 August, 2007

The peril of posting ploddingly

Sorry, sometimes I revert to my past life as a freshman English teacher, and I just can't resist a cheap alliteration.

My brain has been occupied these last several days -- with a culminating project for an independent study I undertook this summer, with a new inquiry I am about to begin this semester, and with the onset of a new fall schedule.

I've been quietly ruminating and collecting my thoughts on some issues and subjects (some of which, incidentally, surfaced in my readings of others' blogs).

Consequently, I've been writing, responding, commenting less. It's indeed a balancing act; a vital intellectual life depends on both silent contemplation and active engagement with other thinkers.

But sometimes it seems the prevailing attitude in the blogosphere regarding posts and comments is: "Ready, fire, aim!" What happened to "think time"?

Gary Stager touched on this phenomenon recently in "What I Hate About Blogging, Part I." I gained a number of insights, particularly from the comments that follow his prickly post. (There I go again!)

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