18 March, 2007

Installing Ubuntu, Part 2

My official Ubuntu CD arrived on Friday from Amazon. Hopeful it would install easier than the CD I had burned, I popped it into my computer on Saturday morning. The good news is I got further along in the installation process than I had in my previous two attempts. I got far enough to encounter an error message. The message said something like this: "The panel encountered a problem wile loading OAFIID: Gnome_panel_WirelessApplet. Do you want to delete the applet from your configuration?" For no special reason, I chose the "don't delete" option. This may have been a mistake because shortly thereafter my computer froze up again.

Ron spoke to his Linux friend, who offered a few suggestions. He said the installation might go more smoothly if I connected directly to my Internet modem using a network cable to get a stronger connection. Luckily, Ron had a cable in his computer bag. Our friend also suggested that we delete the "applet" (whatever that is) and worry about setting up the wireless connection later. He said sometimes when installing a new system, the user has to go back later and configure things separately.

Around 11:30 a.m. I connected my laptop to the modem with a cable. Just as before, I started the installation with the Ubuntu CD in the drive. After double-clicking the install icon on the desktop, I walked away. When I returned to my computer some hours later, the clock in the menu bar was frozen at 11:47.

Still no progress.

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