18 March, 2007

Installing Ubuntu, Part 3

Success at last!

Today Ron had a brainstorm. Why not try one of the other install options offered on the Ubuntu boot-up menu? We kept the computer plugged into the modem with the network cable, fired up the computer with the Ubuntu 6.10 CD still in the drive, and waited for the menu to show up. Rather than select the first option, we tried ¨install text only," which is the second or third option down the list.

The installation took less than one hour. We still received the error message about the ¨wireless applet," which we chose to delete and reconfigure later based on Ronś friendś advice. When all was said and done, the entire operating system was installed on my laptop with graphics and everything!

I am now creating this post using the Firefox browser on my brand-new Ubuntu desktop. My computer runs like a dream! It used to take several minutes to start up; now I can start up and be online in less than two minutes.

The only tasks left to deal with are making my computer wireless again and installing some virus protection. I feel confident about the latter, but I don´t have a clue about the former! Oh, and according to Ubuntu, I already have 134 software updates! This I have come to expect after reading some of Jasonś posts.

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