10 March, 2007

Portable Apps -- Round Two

Sick of the problems with my Portable Apps version of Firefox (see previous post), I uninstalled from my jump drive and reinstalled Portable Apps on a brand-new jump drive. This was one week ago, and so far so good. I kept my old jump drive for storing my web files for IT 578 and other school documents. In fact, nothing I create ends up on my PC hard drive anymore. I'm storing all data on the jump or external hard drive or the Web. Other than the fact that I now tote two jump drives around -- from home to work to school and back again -- this system has worked out fine.

Spring Break starts today, and my goal for this coming week (when I am not playing with my awesome son, Henry) is to begin the computer disaster recovery plan on my laptop and install Ubuntu. I read this week about Ubuntu versus Edubuntu operating systems and decided to opt for the latter because my laptop is for home use, not school use. The Edubuntu home page says it is designed for classroom use and someday will have implications for university use. Since I will not be returning to the classroom any time soon, I am going to start by burning the CD installer to a blank disc. I am a little worried about this process and am wondering if I took a misstep by not ordering a copy of the installer to be shipped to the house.

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